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Enjoy more of Portugal for Less

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Tap Portugal is in the second year of its ever-growing stopover program. It has been extended to as many as five days on any round trip ticket on the airline that passes through Porto or Lisbon in route to the Rest of Europe and Africa.

TAP Portugal Jet
TAP Portugal Jet

The program also incorporates the aid of booking hotels and adding experiences in a few destinations. In some places, you can even earn a complimentary bottle of wine.

The program is available for inbound and outbound flights and can be used for multi-destination journeys but are limited to one stopover. Example, You can fly from New York to the Porto, then from Porto to the Azores. Travel through Portugal, then return to the states flying out of Lisbon. In that one journey alone, you have the ability to see three destinations in one trip, which makes it a great way to visit Portugal. For those wishing to visit Portugal in the upcoming year, there’s no better way to do so.

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