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First Class

DC-7 at the Delta Flight Museum, Atlanta
DC-7 at the Delta Flight Museum, Atlanta

This weekend I actually did it. I crossed the threshold of the travel insane(I'm kidding) and truly sprung for a first-class ticket. Now, I've flown first class before but those were upgrades and not paid tickets. I must say, I love upgrades better though, friendlier on my wallet.

Instead of waiting for upgrades, I went for it and might I say, I'm contemplating doing it again.

I was looking for flights between JFK and DEN and the economy was showing up as $541. As my rule of thumb was to not pay over $300 to travel in the States (very hard to do in 2023), I scoffed at the price. Then I began to think, how much is First Class?

The first class was $843 dollars. Now I know you're probably thinking, that's still more than your agreed price but I decided to live a little. Right after booking I received a personalized email with the details of the flight and a curated message. (Nice touch Delta) A week before the flight, I got an email to choose my meal. This was short-lived as I slept through the meal service but still a nice touch.

I kept getting emails leading up to the day and then checked in 24 hours before the flight. The next day, I showed up at the airport, carry-on in hand, and made my way to the flight. I really thought a first-class ticket got me entry to the Delta lounge(International maybe) but I still needed to show my American Express Platinum card to get in.

I then made my way to the gate early so I can be there for the announcement "Now boarding first-class" I know it's silly but I wanted the full experience. There is water on each seat, a far cry from the offer of champagne in the early stays but still something. Here is as far as I can tell you about the flight because I was asleep before we took off.

The plane was the Airbus A321, my first time flying that aircraft on a Delta Fleet and I must say it deserves the thumbs up. The staff was great as usual and the flight got to Denver without any issues (Minus the 3-hour delay). All in all, it was an awesome experience and one that I would spring for again. Until next time, Adios from seat 1D.

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