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Food Tour DC Part:1

I always loved food. I just never realized I wasn't enjoying it.

I ate not to miss meals or ate what I was used to eating. Traveling has opened up my palette over the years and, my taste becomes more refined as time goes by.

During the pandemic, I got a cookbook. It was by one of my favorite chefs, Jose Andreas. I found out about Jose on an episode of Part's Unknown. Any friend of Anthony is a friend of mine.

My cookbook gift
My cookbook gift

As time passed by, I fell deeper in love with the food. I don't always cook because I am Ubereats favorite customer. However, cooking is my go-to.

The last time in DC, I remembered looking at a Jose Andreas restaurant. Now I'd book a trip just for those restaurants.

On my last trip, the goal was to visit 2 of his 4 DC restaurants.

Beets Ceviche
Beets Ceviche

China Chilcano is a cool, calm, and relaxing atmosphere.

Once inside, you are charmed by great music and perfect food.

I had three meals:

Ceviche Nikkei de Remolacha


Ji Song Chifero

Fish,Chicken and Pork Tacos
Fish,Chicken and Pork Tacos

Oyamel reminds me of sitting on a barstool at the San Miguel Market in Madrid. It was great. Meals started with chips and Salsa.

The sparkling lemonade is a great beverage as well.

I sampled 5 of the tacos:

Hongos en molito

Cochinita pibíl con cebolla en escabeche

Pollo a la parrilla

Pescado Baja California

Frijoles guisados

The meals at the restaurant are better than anything I created in my kitchen and, I can't wait to return to DC to try Jaleo, Minibar, and Zaytinya.

I will also visit Mercado Little Spain here in New York.

I look forward to both.

Anthony Bourdain Portrait
Anthony Bourdain Portrait

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