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How to get from the airport to your hotel, Bogota.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

My ride @ El Dorado International
My ride @ El Dorado International

When you exit customs, if you had prior arrangements with your hotel, someone would be there to meet you. Quick and simple. If you did not, here are your options.

1. Uber is offered but with a few caveats. Although you can call an Uber, it's hard at the airport as they are heavily policed and creates an extra headache trying to navigate.(You can catch Uber but technically it's illegal. Hence why most times the driver asks you to ride up front. That way it doesn't become blatantly obvious, he is an Uber driver.

2. Private taxies are the first option you see. When you exit the airport, people with orange vests will fast approach offering taxi rides. Skip them at all costs. They are the official taxi of the airport, a company called Taxi imperial. They know you're not from Colombia, so the quotes become astronomical. (75,000 COP for a 33,000 COP ride)

Taxi in Bogota
Taxi in Bogota

3. If you pass the white vans and continue walking, you will end up with yellow taxis. You will get a better price using this option. COP 33,000 (USD 10.07)

4. Random people will offer rides right outside the arrival gate. And they will offer prices lower than the taxi cabs. Like in any country, please don't choose this option. (safety first)

5. The P500 Bus runs from El Dorado airport and connects to several buses that are dependent on where you are staying. USe google mays to figure out your best option. (3,275 COP)

6. Hotel Pickup. Hotels are a little more but very hassle-free. If logistics is not your strong suit, this is a great option. (40,000 COP)

No matter how you get to Bogota, enjoy it while you're there.

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