Never Second Guess

View of Pitons from Soufriere'via Wix
View of Pitons from Soufriere'via Wix

Now, this is a story all about how I missed my last trip.

I sat down on Christmas and planned my trips for the entire year.

The first order of business was a New Years' day trip to D.C.

Trip number two was an MLK weekend trip to St. Lucia.

How did I manage to mess that up? Pay attention.

  1. I didn't book the first time I saw the ticket. I waited and missed out on a good opportunity.

  2. I got hitched to one airline. Even though Jet Blue and American presented better options, I was adamant about flying Delta. The lesson here is always to go with the better option.

  3. I was indecisive. I made up my mind too late about the trip and tried to plan the trip within three days.

  4. Not understanding the moment. The surge of Omnicron cases has created a backlog on testing centers and I didn't take it into consideration. I got my results literally 3 mins before check-in and decided it wasn't worth the stress.

  5. Being stuck on a destination. There were other options and ones where I didn't need the test. I was so adamant about St. Lucia that I let the opportunity to travel slip by based on having my mindset on what I wanted.

Now, being home on an MLK weekend for the first time in four years seems strange but the rest I got more than made up for it. Always have a plan B in travel just in case plan A doesn't work out.

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