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Rethinking my wallet

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

American Express Platinum
American Express Platinum

Being as methodical with my spending as can be, I think about every dollar that I spend. After all, besides the essentials, (rent and housing expenses) a majority of my spending goes to food and travel. I decided to try the American Express Gold Card and after a while I began to question a few things.

Do I still need the American Express Platinum card?

What do I use the American Express Platinum card for?

What would life be without it?

Although it offers a wide range of perks, I barely use some of them.

I began to make a note of the perks that I've used since obtaining the card.

Global Entry and TSA Pre-check: The prices are $100 and $85 respectively. However, if you register for Global Entry, TSA Pre-check is included as a part of the $100 fee. It allows expedited service when entering and leaving the United States.

Boingo WiFi: I first registered to use this feature to get WiFi while in some airports. The installation of WiFi in the lounges has made the need for Boingo WiFi less and less. American Express officially cut Boingo WiFi from being a perk as of May 2019.

Disclaimer for Boingo Preferred
Disclaimer for Boingo Preferred

Delta Lounge Access: Individual Access is $545 annually and $29 for each additional guests up to two persons.

Delta Sky Club Disclaimer
Delta Sky Club Disclaimer


Hilton and Marriott Gold upgrades: The platinum card comes with complimentary gold access, which can be used for free room upgrades, drink vouchers, and complimentary breakfast.

Priority Pass: This is a collection of over 900 lounges in 130 plus countries that I can stop at to refuel on layovers or before flights. The fee is $100 annually and is paid by American Express.

Expedited International Airport Entry: I have used express lines while traveling, especially in Australia and Sweden, just for having an American Express Card.

Centurion Lounges: I vaguely remember getting a massage in the Centurion lounge at Miami International Airport. I have visited a few more, and they have never disappointed.

Saks Fifth Avenue Credit: Twice a year, I receive a $50 credit at Saks. I use this to buy facial supplies since its a reoccurring expense.

Uber credit: Every month American Express gives a $15 Uber credit and $35 in December. The credit totals $200 annually.

The Airline Credit: There is a $200 airline credit for airline expenses. Since I never check a bag, I often used those credits for gift cards. As of June of this year, Delta no longer allows gift card purchases. I am unsure how I will utilize this perk but, I will get creative.

Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance: American Express charges your card $24.95 once you rent a vehicle from the car rental agency. You can decline other add ons at the counter with exceptions in certain countries. Example, you need gravel insurance in Iceland which is not covered by American Express.

5X Membership rewards: With 5X the points, this is a better deal than your airline card. The array of travel partners makes more sense than an airline co-branded card. It gives you better redemption options especially if you're not loyal customer to one airline.

There are so many more perks. Let's see how they tally up.

Yearly Savings on American Express
Yearly Savings on American Express

Even with losing the Boingo Wifi and the ability to buy gift cards, I still save a lot by having the Platinum card.

Editors Note: Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of any parties mentioned. None of the entities mentioned has reviewed, approved or endorsed the content listed in this post.


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