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Thanks for joining Virgin Red (Flying Club)

Last year, I got the opportunity to join Virgin Red. Virgin Red is the points program for Virgin Atlantic Airlines. I received Gold due to spending via work. In my mind, it translated into Delta Platinum medallion and I would be able to use the status to aid my Delta travels.

So far, this has been an epic fail. Depending on where I fly, I am not able to use the check-in area depending on the destination of my flight. Sometimes, I can't even use the Skyteam Elite lines at the airport. This may be a lack of knowledge on the part of the airport employees or just me not knowing what to do in these instances.

Finally, on my last flight, an employee told me the reason I have so many issues is that my status is with Virgin Atlantic and not Delta. I would have to earn Virgin Atlantic miles and switch from Earning medallion miles in order to use the perks. This made so much sense.

The one sweet that I use for the Virgin Atlantic Gold is the lounge at JFK. This is now my first choice when it comes to lounges at JFK. I get in with the status and a booked partner flight and it always has fewer people than both the American Express lounge and the Delta lounges In the terminal. The fact that I can order food and have it brought to a table is great and the selection is always amazing.

I have this status until the end of 2023 and I will definitely make use of it. How do you try to hack your travels?

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