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Trust the professionals

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I must admit, as a frequent traveler, I often think that I am an expert in everything travel. In this case, I was unsuccessful in filing a claim that should have been rightfully accepted based on EU Regulation 261/2004.

Basically, it outlines compensation for passengers that are delayed in getting to their final destination. On a recent flight from Greece, my incoming flight was delayed which caused me to miss my flight out of Paris. I had to overnight in Paris, which isn’t a bad thing as it is one of my favorite cities. However, when it came time to file my claim, I was denied not once but twice by Air France despite having all of the necessary documentation for the claim. So, rather than give up, I turned to the professionals.

AirHelp is a company that aims to provide compensation of canceled, delayed and overbooked flights. They fight for the rights of their customers and ensure time is not wasted in filing claims. Trust them in filing your claims, its quick, seamless and a lot better than dealing directly with the airline.

After creating an account, adding your claim details and uploading a copy of the ticket stubs and passport, you will receive an email stating your claim has been accepted and they will follow it up with periodic updates regarding your claim. The fee also varies on the type of claim your filing.

After three weeks of waiting, I got rewarded with a €600 claim. After the fee, I received roughly $520. after the conversion. This was one of those glass half full moments. Even though I had to pay a fee, I received more than I would if I did it on my own. Don’t forget to use AirHelp for all of your claim needs while traveling.

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