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Who doesn't love Airline Status!

What is a status match?

A status match is when an airline gives you the equivalent of your status with one of its competitors. For example, having an Advantage Gold status (One World Ruby) with American Airlines means that it's possible to get status equivalent status with Delta Airlines.

How does a status match works?

Sometimes airlines gift status to their loyal flyers for a trial period that is usually 3 months. In other cases, you can pay to enroll in a status challenge to get to the desired elite status. The fees may vary, but this will require flying a said amount of miles with the airline.

The last time I did a status challenge was back in 2016. I had Advantage Gold status with American Airlines and decided to do a status match with Delta Airlines for Medallion Silver. 

To qualify, you have to show proof of status with another airline. I provided my Advantage Gold Card as proof and a few days later received confirmation of my new status with Delta Airlines. 

The status match challenge comes with flight requirements and must be completed within 90 days. (See below) In this case, I booked two flights, one from JFK to MEX (New York to Mexico City) and the other JFK to AGP (New York to Malaga, Spain). Those two flights alone allowed me to secure my Medallion Silver.

Now until October 31st, 2020 Delta is granting status matches to selective medallion members.

Unfortunately, not everyone can participate in this status match. According to the promotion, you will need to be contacted directly by Delta Airlines to be eligible to participate.

Here is an example of a comparison to a few airlines.

You have until March 31st, 2021 to qualify. However, applications are closed on October 31st, 2020. This status will last until Jan 31st of 2022, which comes in great if you are planning to travel for the new year.

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